New Pokemon Snap Is Just $40 Before Amazon Prime Day

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to explore a vibrant Pokemon world where you captured them on film instead of in a Pokeball, then New Pokemon Snap might just be the game for you. At Amazon, New Pokemon Snap has had its usual $60 price discounted to just $40.

Technically an on-rails shooter–but with digital film for ammo–New Pokemon Snap is all about research and discovery as you dive deep into varied Pokemon ecosystems. Each Pokemon isn’t just vividly detailed, they’re also lively and display behaviors that are just begging to be captured on film.

Going back for extra runs opens up new areas of study for those particular Pokemon biomes, as well as a fascinating glimpse at just how different those areas in either during the daytime or at night. Since its April 2021 launch, Nintendo has released free updates to the game that added new zones to explore, more research titles to earn, and additional Pokemon to photograph.

As an added bonus if you own a Fujifilm printer for smartphones, you can take those photos from your Switch into the real world and even customize them with a wide range of Pokemon-themed decorations.

“20 years later, taking photos of Pokemon in the wild remains as fun and exhilarating as it always was, and though it’s been a long time coming, New Pokemon Snap was worth the wait,” Jenae Sitzes wrote in her New Pokemon Snap review.

In other Pokemon news, the end of the year will see a new entry in the mainline series launch. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launches on November 18 for the Switch and features field music composed by Undertale’s Toby Fox. The game also has some of the best Pokemon designs to date, with critters such as Lechonk and Grass-type kitten Sprigatito already having devoted fandoms.

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