Deliver Us Mars Video Reveals New Story Details For The Sci-Fi Adventure Game

The newest developer diary for the sci-fi adventure game Deliver Us Mars has been released, showing more of the game’s story, which focuses on a father-daughter relationship.

The developer diary, “Earth’s Last Hope,” can be seen in full in the video embedded below. The video digs into what to expect from the narrative–which is both about saving Earth and repairing a family relationship–and you can hear directly from developers and the actors who play the lead roles.

Deliver Us Mars arrives September 27 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, as well as PS4 and Xbox One. The game is developed by KeokeN Interactive and published by Frontier Foundry, the publishing label of Elite Dangerous studio Frontier Developments.

In Deliver Us Mars, up-and-coming astronaut Kathy Johanson takes on a mission to mars to retrieve colonization vessels known as ARKs to help save Earth. Years before her trip, Kathy’s father, Isaac, abandoned both Earth and his daughter with the ARKs in tow, meaning he is a wanted criminal on Earth.

“Now, a mysterious transmission has convinced her there’s a chance he’s still alive–and Kathy won’t stop until she discovers the truth,” reads a line from the game’s description.

Ellise Chappell as Kathy in Deliver Us Mars

Ellise Chappell (Poldark) plays Kathy and lends her likeness to the character as well. Neil Newbon (Resident Evil: Village) plays Isaac. Deliver Us Mars is part of the Deliver Us series, and the first new entry since 2019’s Deliver Us The Moon.

The developer also confirmed today that Deliver Us Mars will feature flashback sequences that dig into Isaac’s choice to leave his daughter behind.

Deliver Us Mars is available for preorder now for £25/$30/€30. There is a PC-only deluxe edition as well that comes with the base game and the original soundtrack for £30/$35/€35. Everyone who pre-purchases Deliver Us Mars before launch will save 10% on any version of the game.

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