Dragon Quest Treasures Gets Some Fresh Story And Character Details

Square Enix has dropped some new details for the story, world, and characters in the upcoming Dragon Quest Treasures.

The new details have dropped on the official Japanese website for Dragon Quest Treasures (as translated by Gematsu). “Erik and Mia, best friends and siblings who live on a Viking longship, are one day whisked away into another world by a pair of mysterious spirits,” reads the story description.

Erik and Mia reside in Draconia, the name of the world, which is “a legendary land where the Seven Dragon Stones and many treasures lie in wait,” where you can use the previously mentioned fortune finder to locate the plentiful loot.

Draconia is apparently made up of a number of islands which have a range of climates, “each inhabited by a wide variety of monsters.” Through the “Dragon’s Dagger,” the siblings are able to communicate with the monsters of Draconia, and can befriend and collect treasure with them. Different monsters offer different ways to navigate around the world too, like bouncing on a slime or gliding with Dracky.

Erik is “an inquisitive, energetic, and cool boy,” who “dreams of finding great treasure and making a fortune,” and is apparently the older of the two. Whereas Mia is “a cute, competitive girl,” who “loves treasure-hunting adventures and hopes to someday find real treasure.”

Erik is also joined by Purrsula, a “mysterious cat-looking spirit” that the two rescue at some point alongside Porcus, a “pig-looking spirit” who accompanies Mia as her partner.

Dragon Quest Treasures was shown off last month during Nintendo’s June Direct, and is set to release December 9 on Nintendo Switch. It’s also seeing a simultaneous release in the West, something fairly uncommon for the series.

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