Elden Ring: Where To Get The Visage Shield

If you’re looking for some truly unique and intriguing shield options in Elden Ring, look no further than the Visage Shield. While its extremely high equip rate makes it best for builds with very high Endurance, it’s worth every point. Here’s where you can round it up to try out for yourself.

The Visage Shield explained

The Visage Shield is a greatshield that requires 44 Strength to wield. It blocks 100% of physical damage and has unusually high resistances to most forms of magic, too, making it an incredible choice–provided you can cope with its massive equip weight. You can also hold down its skill Tongues of Fire, which sprays fire jets in front of you while you walk forward that may deter enemies from pushing in on you.

The Visage Shield’s item description reads:

Tricksome bronze shield depicting the face of a Fire Giant. Several tongues leap from its open mouth. The dreadful visage and burning flames are designed to remind one of the horror of facing a Fire Giant. In other words, this shield has an instructional function.

Where to find the Visage Shield

The Visage Shield can be found within the Caelem Ruins in Caelid. On the eastern side of the ruins is a set of stairs leading down to the cellar, but getting the shield won’t be as easy as opening a chest. Instead, you’ll have to face off against a duo of Mad Pumpkin Head bosses in a very small and enclosed space.

Caelem Ruins

When you encounter these two hulking bosses, bring a durable Spirit Summon with you for distraction, then focus your attacks on the hammer-wielding foe due to his slower attacks. He’ll go down quickly–provided you remember not to attack his invulnerable head–and you can turn your attacks to the other boss. When they’re dead, open the nearby door and check the chest inside for the Visage Shield.

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