Nintendo Warns Against Playing Switch In High Heat

Nintendo has warned against operating the Switch in excessive heat, a warning the company dispatched amid rising temperatures in Nintendo’s home country of Japan, the UK, and elsewhere.

Tokyo just had a massive heat wave where temperatures in the city exceeded 95 degrees Fahrenheit for more than eight straight days. There has only been one streak of heat this lengthy in Tokyo since 1875. Temperatures reached about 90 degrees in parts of the UK recently, too, while many cities in America are experiencing high temperatures this summer season.

In a statement posted on Twitter and translated by Nintendo Life, Nintendo said it advises players to only operate the Switch in a temperature range between 5-35 C (41-95 F)

Nintendo further stated that players should be mindful to allow the Switch to ventilate effectively to avoid overheating issues. The Switch dock should be placed in an area that doesn’t trap heat, too.

It’s not just Nintendo that is reacting to rising temperatures around the world. Ubisoft is aiming to promote awareness of climate change and other environmental issues through in-game events in Riders Republic and Skull & Bones.

In other Switch news, Nintendo just recently announced a Splatoon 3-themed Switch model that arrives in August ahead of the game’s September release. And if you’re looking for an Amazon Prime Day deal, Hori’s Split Pad Pro is on sale for a nice discount right now.

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