PlayStation 5 HD Camera Is $50 For Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day includes lots of gaming deals, including some hardware and accessories like a good price on the PlayStation 5 HD Camera. The camera is $50 for Prime Day, down from $60.

The PS5 camera captures in HD so you can create recording and broadcasts of yourself playing, and it’s built to work seamlessly with the DualSense controller’s “create” button. It comes with an adjustable stand that can be positioned below or above the TV. The camera also features built-in background removal tools, allowing you to crop out the background or use a green screen while filming.

It’s worth noting, though, that the PS5 camera is not made to work with PlayStation VR. While that original headset will still work on your PS5, it still requires the PlayStation Camera produced for PS4. There is a PSVR2 coming, but it uses inside-out tracking and won’t need a camera at all. So only grab this HD camera if you want to capture your victory dances after you smoke your friends in Fortnite.

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