Prime Day 2022 Brings A Nice Promotion On The Meta Quest 2

The popular Meta Quest 2 VR headset isn’t getting a discount during Prime Day, but Amazon is offering a free $25 gift card to customers who buy one during the event. The Quest 2 hasn’t seen many deals throughout 2022, so this might be your best time to pick one up.

The standard Meta Quest 2 offers 128GB of storage for $300, although you can step up to 256GB model for an additional $100. It might be worth upgrading to the 256GB model if you’re planning on storing multiple games on your headset at once–but if you don’t mind having just a few titles in your library (or deleting unplayed games) the 128GB version should suit your needs perfectly. Regardless of which you pick, you’ll be treated to the best VR headset on the market.

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