Apex Legends Patch Fixes Loba’s Tactical Ability And Wraith’s Invincibility Bug

Respawn has rolled out a patch for Apex Legends that resolves the long-standing issue of Loba‘s tactical ability failing and the recent game-breaking issue that occasionally made Wraith invincible while she used her abilities.

Loba’s tactical ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, has been frustratingly broken for a while, oftentimes simply not working (especially on Storm Point) and unintentionally nerfing the support legend into the ground. The thief’s tactical ability sees her tossing out her bracelet, allowing her to warp to wherever it lands.

The Wraith glitch is a more recent issue, having just popped up in the game. Players had noticed that, after using her tactical or ultimate ability, Wraith would momentarily no longer receive damage, allowing her to tank multiple clips of bullets and safely defeat her opponent.

Beyond that, the patch also addresses several other issues in Apex Legends. The full list of fixes is explained in the patch notes, which are detailed below.

Apex Legends July 13 Update Patch Notes

Improve various issues with Xbox headsets and VOIP quality.Resolve Loba’s tactical failing without reason.Resolve issues with Wraith not receiving damage at certain points when using her abilities.Resolve loss of functionality when using a Replicator.A variety of other fixes.

Respawn has more plans for Apex Legends, which will likely be heading into Season 14 in early August. The Apex Legends team won’t be adding an anti-scan legend to hard-counter characters like Bloodhound and Seer, but they are considering ways to shake up the stagnant competitive meta so that Gibraltar and Valkyrie aren’t necessarily mandatory picks for every squad.

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