Bayonetta 3 Features A “Naive Angel Mode” That Censors Risque Content

Bayonetta 3 finally has a release date, and according to developer Platinum Games, the title will have a mode that reduces the game’s more risque content.

Nintendo has seemingly decided to simply announce its first party titles through individual trailers rather than a full Direct, with Bayonetta’s release date following on from yesterday’s new Kirby reveal. And Platinum Games has put out a tweet following the release date news showing off the new “Naive Angel Mode” (translations via Twitter).

As demonstrated in the tweet, while the mode is off Bayonetta will be fully nude (with more sensitive areas covered up by her magic hair), where while the mode is on she’ll simply be wearing her full outfit.

The mode doesn’t just affect Bayonetta, as one pretty scantily clad, butterfly demon featured in the trailer also gets a bit more clothing to help make things a bit less risque. Platinum Games noted that this mode will hopefully make it easier playing the game in the living room “without creating an awkward atmosphere.”



より多くの方にお楽しみ頂くために、 #ベヨネッタ3 では画期的な「ナイーブエンジェルモード」を搭載しました。

このモードを「ON」にすることで、お茶の間でも気まずい雰囲気にならずに遊べる…かも知れません❗️ #BAYONETTA3

— プラチナゲームズ公式アカウント (@platinumgames_j) July 13, 2022

Bayonetta 3, now set to release October 28, looks to be shaking things up a lot, with the Bayonetta we know and love teaming up with other versions of herself, seemingly from other universes. And the game is introducing a new playable character, Viola, a sword-wielding witch in training.

A special Trinity Masquerade Edition of the game is also in the works, which comes with an artbook and three special game sleeves. The first game is also finally getting a physical release on September 30.

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