CoD: Warzone Gets Radar Jammer Nerf For Fortune’s Keep And Rebirth Island

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone is in full swing, and players now get to choose between three maps to play. Rebirth Island recently returned to join Caldera and the new Fortune’s Keep map; however, players have been frustrated with the Radar Jammer field upgrade on Warzone’s smaller maps. Thankfully, Raven Software has implemented a change to help.

With the smaller map sizes of Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep, players have been feeling powerless at the hands of the game’s Radar Jammer, as the equipment’s radius could block large portions of the map. An enemy’s jammer not only blocks out the minimap, but it also prevents killstreaks from being used in the area.

Players should hopefully find the jammers to be less of a nuisance now after a small change on July 13. Raven Software tweeted that an update has implemented a nerf to the field upgrade to reduce the radius of Radar Jammers by 20% on both Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island.

This change to Radar Jammers comes as the developer continues to tweak the Warzone experience, especially with working to make improvements to the Fortune’s Keep map. Most recently, there was an update made to increase the number of Buy Stations available on Fortune’s Keep from 10 to 13 stations, and a higher player count is currently being tested in the Fortune’s Keep Extreme mode.

For those looking ahead to the upcoming mid-season update, here is everything we know about Season 4 Reloaded for Warzone and Vanguard.

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