Hearthstone Murder at Castle Nathria Card Reveal: Ghastly Gravedigger

Hearthstone’s Murder at Castle Nathria expansion is coming next month, and Blizzard is lining up the series of suspects for the grisly crime, along with potential crime scenes with new Location cards. But someone has to clean up the mess, and that’s where the Ghastly Gravedigger comes in.

The Ghastly Gravedigger is a Rogue Epic card with decent stats for its cost, but the Battlecry effect makes it an especially good tool for the Rogue’s tool set. As long as you have a secret in play, you get to hobble your opponent by shuffling a card out of their hand. This serves the double effect of both giving you insight about what’s in your opponent’s hand, as well as delaying what could be a crucial tool or counter they needed for their next turn.

Murder at Castle Nathria is a classic whodunit story, featuring legendary minions as the list of suspects. It also introduces two new game mechanics. Location cards take up a spot on your board and can’t be removed, but they can be activated for special effects. And an Infuse keyword rewards you with extra bonuses for a number of minions who have died on board while the Infuse card is in your hand.

The new expansion releases on August 2. Two pre-purchase bundles are now available: a standard bundle with 60 card packs and two random legendary minions along with a handful of cosmetics, and a mega bundle with 80 packs, 5 golden packs, 2 golden legendary cards, and 10 Mercenaries packs.

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