Skate 4 Devs Ask Fans To Not Play Leaked Early Build

A build of the upcoming Skate 4 has leaked online, and the developers have kindly asked those who are playing it to consider not doing so.

Late last month, EA showed off some “pre-pre-pre-alpha” footage of the next Skate game, inviting players to playtest it. Footage quickly leaked online, unsurprisingly, but a bigger problem the Skate team is facing is that an earlier build of the game has leaked online, which they’re asking people to not play.

“We’re aware of an earlier version of the game that has been distributed without our authorization,” wrote the Skate team in a blog post on July 13. “This build is from September 2021 and was never intended for external use. While we understand you’re excited to get into the game, we encourage you to be careful when downloading files from unknown sources.”

The post then makes a point that this potentially violates EA’s terms of service, which if broken can result in no longer being able to play the publisher’s titles, without refunds.

As noted by the post, if you’re interested in trying out the upcoming Skate game for yourself, you can sign up to playtest the game, though there’s no guarantee you’ll be picked.

The recent gameplay footage leak confirmed an earlier report that players will be able to make skate parks together, and showed a large number of players all skating together in the same location, meaning the multiplayer seems to have been greatly expanded upon.

A new video is set to drop tomorrow that will go into more detail about the game, though specifics haven’t been detailed yet.

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