Sonic Origins Modder Cancels Project, Saying Game Is “Absolute S***”

While Sonic Origins has largely seen mixed to positive reviews since its release in June, some fans have criticized the state of the re-released games, citing graphical and performance issues along with strange bugs that didn’t exist in the original games. The issues are enough that one ambitious “BetterOrigins” mod has been cancelled, with the mod’s creator giving up on the game after calling it “absolute shit.”

TheGamer reported on the mod’s cancellation, quoting an update on the mod’s GameBanana page that now appears to have been deleted.

“Hey, so we decided to stop the development of this project,” the update by project lead Xanman read. “After really digging into the files for this game, it’s become way clearer that this game is absolute shit. We’ve fixed enough where the game is a bit more serviceable but really, especially without scripts, there’s not a whole lot we can ‘fix’ without just redoing sprites.”

A version of BetterOrigins can still be downloaded from GameBanana, with multiple improvements already implemented, but it appears the mod isn’t likely to get any future updates–at least not any time soon. The mod’s creator has also suggested a number of complimentary mods that work to fix Sonic Origins’ other issues.

“MAYBE I’ll come back to this in the future, when script editing becomes a thing,” the update finished. “But for now, screw this game.”

The development team behind Sonic Origins has also expressed disappointment in the state of the game that was released, saying the final game was not what was turned into Sega.

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