What’s New In Apex Legends Mobile Season 2

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Distortion launched yesterday, bringing with it a new battle pass, a new mobile-exclusive legend, quite a few gameplay changes, and a new Town Takeover. But the latest season still has a few more surprises in store that can only be uncovered by actually playing the game.

From login bonuses to promotions and challenges with free rewards, here’s a rundown of all the events that are currently active in the mobile version of Respawn’s popular battle royale.

Rhapsody Live

The Rhapsody Live event tasks players with welcoming Rhapsody to the legend squad by collecting posters from some of her previous concerts. Posters can be unlocked by completing daily challenges that reward player with points shaped like musical notes. Obtain enough points and you’ll unlock a poster.

Each poster also comes with its own special reward, including a banner badge, a weapon charm, a Rhapsody banner pose, and a matching banner frame. Players who collect all 80 points required to unlock all four posters will also get a bonus reward: 4,000 Seasonal Currency, which can be exchanged for cosmetics in the Distortion Seasonal Shop. The Rhapsody Live event ends on July 23.

Rhapsody’s concert posters

VIP Access

King’s Canyon is now littered with VIP Loot Bins, which provide players with high-tier loot. Many of these bins can be found within the Encore Galore, the new POI that serves as Rhapsody’s Town Takeover. But there’s a catch: those high-tier loot bins can’t be opened without a VIP Pass.

VIP passes can be found within Party Ticks, which will sometimes drop a VIP Pass (and some quality loot) when you shoot them. Once you’ve got a VIP Pass, you will be able to open VIP Loot Bins for the duration of the event. Opening these bins will reward you with Rhapsody Tickets, which you can exchange for free cosmetics in the VIP Rewards section of the VIP Access event page. The event ends on August 23.

A VIP Loot Bin rests near a Party Tick on King’s Canyon.

Daily Rewards

A massive login bonus event called Daily Rewards is currently active. From now until August 9, players will receive a free gift each day that they log in. There are 28 rewards in total, players who unlock all 28 rewards will receive:

14,600 Seasonal Currency1,000 Flux3 Mission Cards2 Syndicate Packs20 Pack Pieces (which will produce 2 more Syndicate Packs)Night Laser avatar frameDaredevil weapon charmKnockout Pathfinder banner poseEpic-tier Ocean Link Fade skin

Don’t worry if you forget to log in–you can use up to five Retro Check-Ins to maintain your streak. Just be sure to remember to claim your loot from the reward page before the event ends on August 9.

All 28 rewards for the Daily Rewards login event.

New Store Vault

The Mecha Strike Go! Store Vault is now open. This event is somewhat similar to previous luck-based store events–players must spend Syndicate Gold to open Loot Boxes that contain one of 36 cosmetic items. The price of opening a box increases with each round, and items have differing odds of being unlocked based on their rarity. The odds are as follows:

Eternal items

Eternal-tier legend skins: 0.07%Eternal-tier weapon skin: 0.1%Legendary-tier skydive emote: 1.57%Legendary-tier character emote: 0.78%Legendary-tier banner frame: 1.97%

Epic items

Epic-tier legend skin: 3.54%Epic-tier weapon skin: 4.33%Epic-tier banner frame: 4.71%Epic-tier banner pose: 4.71%Epic-tier tracker: 7.06%Epic-tier character emote: 7.85%

Rare items

Rare-tier legend skin: 9.4%Rare-tier weapon skin: 7.06%Rare-tier weapon charm: 10.99%Rare-tier banner frame: 2.75%Rare-tier banner pose: 5.49%All Eternal-tier legend skins in the Mecha Strike Go! Store Vault

The event contains 8 Eternal items, 4 Legendary items, 14 Epic items, and 10 Rare items. Eternal items include legend skins for Fade, Octane, Lifeline, and Bloodhound along with weapon skins for the Kraber, the Longbow DMR, the Havoc, and the Flatline.

The Mecha Strike Go! Store Vault will be open for the remainder of the season.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.

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