Chivalry 2 To Add New Tenosian Map And Full Cross-Play Party Social Support

Chivalry 2 developer Torn Banner Studios has released a new developer diary video, a GameSpot exclusive reveal, in which it talks about what’s next for the game: new maps, new weapons, and full cross-play party support.

Hippodrome, a new tournament map set in the Tenosian Empire and designed for mounted horse combat, will be coming to the game. A new biome with snow and ice–the perfect backdrop for blood splatters–will also be a new feature. Players can expect more to come as well. In the developer diary, the devs say there are lots of iconic settings and biomes they want to add.

A range of new weapons will arrive in future updates: some from Chivalry 1, and others are new, like the Tenosian-inspired weapon Katar. A weapon for a fast combat style, the Katar are like “scissor blades that sit on your hands,” one dev muses. The Katar is an actual weapon in real-life and essentially is a dagger with a horizontal grip.

Chivalry 2 will also get full cross-play social support sometime in 2022 at an unknown date. It’s a feature that’s been highly requested, as cross-platform party matchmaking is currently unavailable. With full social support, players should be able to form parties with friends who play on different platforms.

Chivalry 2 has sold over 2 million copies worldwide, a milestone for the bloody medieval game. You can check out Chivalry 2’s roadmap for what’s been added so far, and what the team is working on. Chivalry 2 is on PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S.

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