Chris Hemsworth Skipped Meat Before Filming Kissing Scene With Vegan Thor: Love And Thunder Co-Star Natalie Portman

Mighty Thor actress Natalie Portman has revealed that Thor actor Chris Hemsworth did not consume any meat on the morning of filming their kissing scene in Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder out of respect for Portman’s vegan diet. She told Capital FM that Hemsworth was being very thoughtful with this gesture.

Hemsworth eats a lot of meat as part of his training routine, but he went without it for one morning during the shoot. “The day we had a kiss scene he didn’t eat meat that morning, because I’m vegan. And he eats meat like every half hour. Like, that was so thoughtful,” Portman said.

She added: “That’s not something I’m angry about or care about, but he was just being thoughtful. He’s just a very nice person.”

Tessa Thompson, who plays King Valkyrie, chimed in as well to say, “I didn’t even know he could go without eating meat. He’s just like eating bison in the morning. That’s so sweet.”

For Thor: Love and Thunder, Hemsworth worked with his longtime trainer, Luke Zocchi, with the aim of getting to be the “strongest, fittest, and healthiest” of Hemsworth’s entire life. This included eating every 2 to 3 hours during the working day, and then eating a big dinner at night.

Each meal was about 450 calories, made up of around 30-40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fat. This worked out to around 4,000-4,500 calories per day in his training regimen for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Hemsworth and Zocchi run the Centr app, which includes Hemsworth’s diet and exercise programs.

Love and Thunder made more than $300 million worldwide over its opening weekend, and it’s expected to continue to put up big numbers this weekend and beyond.

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