Stray’s New Merch Is An Accessory Line For Your Cat

Stray publisher Annapurna Interactive has collaborated with Travel Cat to release a Stray-themed limited-edition cat travel backpack and harness. It’s gaming merch for your cat! That is, if you can get your cat to get into the backpack or wear the harness (tricky business).

The Stray Travel cat backpack is $140 and can fit up to a 25lb cat. It’s a neon and charcoal bubble backpack, inspired by the cyberpunk colors in Stray. The Stray harness and leash is $40 and is a replica of the one worn by the feline protagonist in-game. Both the neck and chest strap are adjustable, and the leash is six feet long.

Speaking from personal experience, easing your cat into a backpack or harness requires patience and a gradual process. Some cats, depending on their personality, may never be comfortable exploring the world in a harness and leash. To find out how to train your cat to wear a harness from experts, tune in for Stray’s launch party on July 21 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

The estimated ship date for the first drop of both the backpack and harness is August 31, and the second drop is in September.

Stray releases July 19 on PC, PS4, and PS5. It’ll be free for players with the PS Plus extra and premium tiers.

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