Halo Infinite Online Campaign Co-Op Test Begins Today, Mission Replay Feature Also Added

Halo Infinite‘s online campaign co-op test is out now, giving fans an early look at one of the game’s most long-awaited features that wasn’t there at launch. As announced previously, players need to register for the free Halo Insider program to get in across Xbox and PC.

The network test runs through Monday, August 1, so players will have a good amount of time to test it out. Developer 343 called on fans to file bug reports regarding any issues they encounter to help the studio smooth out the experience before the feature rolls out for all players.

The #HaloInfinite Campaign Network Co-Op flight is live! Also featuring Mission Replay, be sure to squad up with your friends in this early-access build and take on the Banished together. We’ll see you on Zeta Halo!

— Halo (@Halo) July 15, 2022

To access the beta test, players can navigate to the Xbox Insider Hub (or download it if need be) and select “Previews” on the left side of the screen. From there, players will see “Halo Infinite – Insider.” Joining that will take players to the Store page for the network test client. Once the download finishes, the game will be included in the game library.

As announced previously, this is a totally separate version of Halo Infinite, so your existing save will not transfer, nor will any progress from the test move back to your standard save.

While online campaign co-op for Halo Infinite is now available for testers, there is no word yet on when local couch co-op may come to the sci-fi shooter.

The Halo Infinite network campaign co-op test update also includes the new Mission Replay feature, which allows players to replay missions. Here’s how to access it, as written by 343:

Open the TacMap and navigate to the mission’s icon. Completed missions appear as gray diamonds.Use the shortcut listed near the bottom of the screen to access the Mission Options menu.Select Replay Mission to select active Skulls and change the mission’s difficulty. Currently held weapons will carry over to this replay as well.Complete the replayed mission to return to the current mission, or select the current mission in the TacMap to resume your furthest saved progress.

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