Today’s Wordle Answer (#391) – July 15, 2022

It’s time to end the week the best way we know possible: by getting the Wordle correct. It’s been a full week of interesting answers and we end it with a common, but tricky word. Some players are sure to get tripped up by the vowel usage and overall structure of this particular word. However, as long as players use one of our best starting words and follow the helpful hints found below, they’ll get the answer in no time.

With this particular answer, I only had two letters by the time I was on my fourth guess and only one of those letters was in the right spot. However, thanks to some deduction, I was able to formulate a couple of guesses that used mostly the same letters. Between the two, I randomly decided on one and that turned out to be the right answer. It was lucky, but there were only a couple of possible guesses with the available letters I had left. If other players aren’t as fortunate, then they can look below for a couple of tips to the Wordle on July 15 in addition to the full answer.

Today’s Wordle Answer – July 15, 2022

We’ll begin with a couple of hints that won’t fully give the answer away but will let fans start thinking on the right track to the end word. If the tips don’t work, though, players keep reading further to see the full answer.

Hint 1: This word only has one vowel in it and that vowel repeatsHint 2: In the show Modern Family, Claire gets mad at Phil for not listening to her advice on trying this kind of saladHint 3: A person playing a golf video game might use this kind of club to get a ball out of the sand

For Modern Family lovers or golf enthusiasts, those hints might have been almost too easy to understand. However, if the tips didn’t help, fear not, because we have the full answer right here… “wedge.” The double “e” and the way the word is spelled out can certainly be tricky. Luckily, if you got this far, then you’ve kept your Wordle streak intact and live to fight another day.

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