Warframe Expansion The Duviri Paradox Reveals Open World, Veilbreaker DLC Announced

Last weekend, Tennocon brought new trailers and teasers for all things Warframe. More details about the new expansion, The Durivi Paradox, and the reveal of a brand new update, Veilbreaker, fleshed out the near future of the popular free-to-play game.

The Durivi Paradox did not receive an exact release date, but will come out this winter. The expansion will offer new cinematic story content, new upgrade systems, and challenge players to wrist control of the titular Durivi, a color-shifting open world, from its ruler Dominus Thrax.

In the DLC you will play as the Drifter, who is stuck, both in a time loop and within Durivi. With the help of Tenshin, a Dax warrior, and the Drifter’s science fiction horse (a creature known as a Kaithe) he has to discover the secrets of this world and break free from its prison. More news about the expansion will be shown in future devstreams, including how player’s existing arsenals will fit into the open world.

Digital Extremes also showed off another DLC for Warframe, entitled Veilbreaker. In this update, players will play as Kahl-175, a Grineer who was also playable in the DLC The New War. Players will control Kahl-175 as he attempts to rescue his Grineer brethren from the Narmer. He will fight with other Tenno against Archon bosses and complete a variety of rescue missions.

In other Tennocon news, the game’s 50th Warframe, Styaram was revealed. More details and a anime short concerning the new frame will be revealed in an upcoming Devstream. Digital Extremes also announced a brand new title, Soulframe, a fantasy take on Warframe’s free-to-play MMO formula.

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