FPS Legend John Romero Is Making A New Unreal Engine 5 Game With A “Major Publisher”

Romero Games, the studio led by Brenda Romero and id Software co-founder and FPS veteran John Romero, is beginning a new chapter of its legacy. The company has begun work on a new game, and to the surprise of no one, it will be a first-person shooter.

“We are 100% focused on first-person shooters, the foundation that built our careers, our studio and a genre,” the company said on its website. “Our current project is an all-new FPS with an original, new IP.”

Romero Games is building this game with the Unreal Engine 5 engine, and the studio said it is already working with a “major publisher” on the title.

“We can confirm that it’s new, that it’s a shooter and that we’re making it with a major publisher. Otherwise, it’s way too early to share any other information on it,” the studio said.

Romero Games is now staffing up, and it will allow workers to come into the office (located in Galway, Ireland), work remotely, or use a hybrid approach. The studio has nine open positions right now spread across multiple disciplines, including code, art, and design.

Romero is known for his work on games like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. His work helped the FPS genre grow and thrive and it is now one of the biggest genres in video games.

Romero Games’ latest release was 2020’s Empire of Sin, a Prohibition-era real-time strategy game in which players control mob bosses. Brenda Romero designed the game.

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