Lost Ark Spells In Spades Update Arrives July 20: Full Patch Notes

Lost Ark’s Spells in Spades update is slated to arrive tomorrow, bringing with it a new mage advanced class and much, much more.

If the name for the update didn’t give it away, the card-slinging Arcanist headlines the update. Using magic-infused cards, the Arcanist is essentially the MMO’s version of Gambit from the X-Men, which should make for a great new addition to the game’s ever-expanding class roster. The Arcanist is the third new class to make its way to the Western version of the Lost Ark since the game’s launch in February, with numerous classes currently available in the Korean version still to be added.

The July “Spells in Spades” Update arrives in Arkesia on July 20!

🎴 Arcanist Advanced Class
🔥 Inferno Valtan Legion Raid
🔫 Maharaka Festival

Patch Notes!

— Lost Ark (@playlostark) July 19, 2022

That’s far from the only new content coming in the update. As detailed by publisher Amazon Games in the official patch notes, a new summer event called the Waterpop Arena is also coming with Spells in Spades. Available every two hours for a limited-time, the event pits two teams of players against one another in what is essentially a water gun deathmatch. Players will need to push opponents out of the ring with their water gun, with the size of the pool-based arena shrinking as time goes on. Maharaka Leafs earned from the event can then be exchanged for valuable rewards. The game’s store will also be updated with a number of summer-themed skins, should players want to dress properly for the occasion.

For players looking for even greater in-game challenges, the new update is set to introduce the Inferno difficulty for Legion raids. Amazon states that Inferno difficulty raids are “all about proving you’re among the best of the best.” Clearing the new difficulty doesn’t reward new gear or honing materials, but instead grants various exclusive titles, achievements, and more. Players will need to be item level 1,445 to participate, and attempting Inferno difficulty does not count towards weekly limits for the normal and hard versions of Legion raids.

Those who are still working their way through Lost Ark’s various endgame content will be receiving a number buffs, with some quality-of-life changes meant to help newer players catch up. Honing success rates are being increased and costs are being reduced at earlier tiers, and even the honing rates and requirements for tier 3 gear are seeing some welcome changes, like decreased gold costs and gear XP requirements. Yet another Powerpass is being added for players who have progressed past the Punika continent storyline. Players who had done so will be able to boost a new character to item level 1,302. Players can also designate a character between item level 1,302 and 1,370 for the new Hyper Express event, which will grant bonus honing materials upon reaching certain item level thresholds.

All new or returning players who haven’t played in the past 30 days or are under item level 1,370 will receive a new Mokoko Buff, which increases damage dealt by 20% and reduces damage taken by 40%. Players with the buff will be able to complete new Mokoko Challenge missions which grant various upgrade materials that should help to speed those players along to item level 1,370. However, it’s worth noting that the buff only lasts for 90 days once activated or until players reach item level 1,370 on a character.

You can check out the full patch notes below.

Lost Ark Spells In Spades Update Full Patch Notes



The Arcanist imbues special cards with her Magick and uses them for a wide variety of effects. From slicing up enemies with a deluge of thrown cards to summoning powerful Magick attacks from the cards themselves, the Arcanist has a trick up her sleeve for every situation. The Arcanist will join the Bard and Sorceress as the third available Mage Advanced Class.

You can find more information in our recent Arcanist Lost Ark Academy to see if the Arcanist makes a good addition to your roster. Learn about the three types of skills, the Specialty Card Meter, and start planning the skills and engravings you’re interested in using to enhance your impact on the battlefield.


The most difficult version of Legion Raids, the Inferno difficulty is all about proving you’re the among the best of the best in Arkesia, and earning the prestige accompanying that feat. Rather than chasing the normal rewards of gear, honing materials, and everything else you’d receive in a Legion Raid, Inferno rewards instead showcase your victory with titles, achievements, Stronghold structures, and more! A new in-game vendor will be added for players to access a variety of prestigious rewards, earned after various numbers of clears.

There are a few key differences between Normal/Hard and Inferno difficulties:

‘Scale of Balance’ is applied, and the raid requires use of the Book of Coordination, so everyone’s gear is normalized against the level of your Legion Commander opponent.The gate progression system will not be active – you can’t make it half-way and come back later in the week.Inferno mode will not count against your weekly attempt limit for Legion Raids, so you can play Valtan on Normal/Hard and Inferno in the same week, and try Inferno as many times as you’d like.

Valtan Inferno difficulty will require item level 1445 for players to participate.


Enjoy pool-party pandemonium in a new time-limited Event! Hop in the Maharaka Paradise pool and compete on teams as you try to push the opposing team out of the arena by firing at them with a Water Pro water gun. As the game progresses, the arena gets smaller and smaller. Try and rack up points as quickly as possible to win. The event occurs every two hours, and players can earn Maharaka Leafs to exchange at an Event Vendor for a variety of valuable rewards. If you’re excited to further embrace the pool-party summer spirit, you’ll definitely want to checkout the Store Updates section below.


Similar to how Challenge Guardian Raids applies Scale of Harmony to equalize your power against your foe in Guardian Raids, Challenge Abyssal Dungeons will use this treatment on Abyssal Dungeons in a new weekly activity. With greater challenge also comes greater rewards. Various honing material selection pouches— like Challenge Guardians, you can pick the offering closest to your item level— will rotate through the rewards, and cards aplenty are available as drops or in the end-of-dungeon loot auction. You can play through each Abyssal Dungeon once (per roster) each week.



This update introduces two new progression events, a Punika Powerpass and a Hyper Express Event that helps accelerate a character from Item Level 1302 to 1370.

Players will receive a Punika Powerpass after completing Punika’s quest “Berver’s Friend” during the event period. To access this quest, players must first complete all Adventure Quests (marked by purple exclamation marks) on Punika to collect stamps and become a citizen. Once the final quest in this chain, “Honorary Punikan” has been completed, you can talk to Nia in Nia village to start “Berver’s Friend.”

If you’ve already finished the quest before the update, you’ll get the Powerpass when the event starts! The Punika Powerpass will function like the North Vern Powerpasses available to players in the launch version of Lost Ark— once you’ve completed the storyline through that continent, you can use it to bring an alternate character to that point in the game. With the Punika Powerpass, you’ll receive Item Level 1302 gear. This is an event Powerpass that expires on September 28.

Players will be able to designate one character between item Level 1302 and 1370 on their roster to participate in the Hyper Express Event, where they’ll earn honing materials, and level up quickly to Item Level 1370. The designated character will earn rewards upon reaching Item Level 1302, 1310, 1320, and every ten levels until Item Level 1370— which grants a particularly valuable reward.

We’re excited to see the new alternate characters roaming Arkesia as players experience different playstyles or quickly level up a brand new Arcanist. For newer players, we hope the new Mokoko challenges found below help them quickly level up and reach the additional events.


This update will replace the existing Welcome Challenge series of missions with the new Mokoko Challenge. Functioning similarly to the Welcome Challenge, the Mokoko Challenge layers in additional progression mechanics to help accelerate new players and characters through Tier 1 and 2.

Mokoko Buff – Players that have a new account or haven’t played within the past 30 days and have no characters at item level 1370 or higher will receive the Mokoko Buff. Users with the Mokoko Buff will deal 20% more damage to monsters and take 40% less damage. After 90 days pass or a character in your Roster reaches item level 1370, you will no longer be considered a new adventurer and the buff will end.Mokoko Challenge Missions – Players that have the Mokoko Buff active can complete special missions to earn honing and other progression materials, helping them reach item level 1370. When the Mokoko Buff ends, the Mokoko Challenge missions will no longer be available, and unclaimed rewards for completed missions will be sent to Universal Storage.


This update also includes a new Growth Support Effect which will aid players in advancing their characters to item level 1370.


100% success rate when honing Tier 1 gear from level 1 to 15.Double level ups when honing Tier 1 gear at level 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.Required honing XP reduced by 20% when honing Tier 1 gear from level 1 to 15.Honing breakthrough cost reduced by 100% when honing Tier 1 gear from level 1 to 15.


100% Success Rate when honing Tier 2 gear from level 1 to 15.Double level ups when honing Tier 2 gear at level 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.Required honing XP reduced by 15% when honing Tier 2 gear from level 1 to 15.Honing breakthrough cost reduced by 100% when honing Tier 2 gear from level 1 to 15.


Basic success rate increased by 20% (max. 20%) when honing Tier 3 item level 1302 gear from level 1 to 15.Required honing XP reduced by 30% when honing Tier 3 item level 1302 gear from level 1 to 15.Required honing breakthrough materials and cost reduced by 50% when honing Tier 3 item level 1302 gear from level 1 to 15.Tier 3 honing costs decreased (30% Gold decrease and 50% gear XP decrease).Increased honing success rate by 10%.


Added a new daily log-in reward track.Added new preventions to deter gold sellers. Paid gold (purchased from the currency exchange) will have a 3-day withholding period. Gold that is under a withholding period will be called ‘withheld funds’. Gold without a withholding period will be called ‘available funds’. Withheld funds will be restricted in the following ways: Cannot send withheld funds through mailCannot deduct from withheld funds when accepting billing mailCannot use on 1:1 tradesCannot use in Auction HouseCannot use in MarketplaceCannot use in Loot AuctionsAdded a Jukebox for Strongholds. Talk to the new Jukebox Exchange NPC in your Stronghold to start the “One Thing Missing” quest and learn how to use your Jukebox. Players can now change the background music while inside the Stronghold or near a Jukebox.Only 5 Jukebox items can be used at the same time.New soundtracks can be purchased from a variety of different NPCs like the new Jukebox Exchange NPC, various Wandering Merchants, vendors located outside different ports, and more.Most soundtracks require players to complete specific Achievements before they can be purchased.Please note that the song “Consolation” will be unavailable, and will be provided for the Jukebox in a future patch.


The Spells in Spades Update includes new cosmetic collections to celebrate the Arcanist and summer Maharaka Event, new Growth Support Packs, Powerpasses, new bundles, and more! Enjoy summer in style.







Added a new Weapon Growth Pack, and refreshed the two Growth Support Packs sold in the June Update. Growth Support packs will be purchasable once per roster, per month.Added a variety of new packs and items to celebrate the launch of the Arcanist: The Arcanist Level Complete Pack, which can only be purchased and opened by an Arcanist.The Rohendel’s Destiny Special Package, which includes Battle Items, Silver, and a Title to accompany the Rohendel’s Destiny skin set.Added the Arcanist’s Dawn skins.Added Powerpasses that can be purchased on the character select UI by pressing the “Powerpass” button. There are five passes available, each corresponding to a major continent. The passes start with North Vern, for 1100 Royal Crystals. Unlike the other passes, the North Vern pass can be acquired by a brand new player to start their adventure in North Vern at Item Level 302.The other 4 passes increase in price by 1100 Royal Crystals per continent; 2200 for a Rohendel Pass, 3300 for a Yorn pass, 4400 for a Feiton Pass, and 5500 for a Punika Pass. Pricing will automatically adjust based on completed content for a specific character; for example, if a character has completed through the Rohendel questline, a Punika Pass will instead cost 3300 Royal Crystals. These passes can only be acquired after another character on a player’s roster has completed the questlines for each continent.Players will be able to purchase these Powerpasses even if they have not completed the in-game content on a previous character.These passes will be used immediately upon purchase, and is not eligible for a refund.Adjusted price and card quantities in the Special Card Package.Added Summer Dye Packs, a Battle Support Item Package, and a new Item Level Complete Crystal Pack for Tier 3.


Fixed an issue that caused only ‘Q’ to be shown in the QTE during Aira’s Oculus Dungeon when using a controller and the AZERTY keyboard layout.Fixed an issue that allowed players to open a Korean website while in a Co-Op Battle.Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect date format to be used for the PvP Rank header.Fixed an issue that caused the Sale Date in the auction house to reference UTC time in all regions.Fixed an issue that caused the Shadowhunter’s Piercing Thorn skill to select the wrong target if the Advancing Thorns Tripod was active while using a controller.Fixed an issue that caused the Sorceress’ Punishing Strike skill to select the wrong target if the Unavoidable Fate Tripod was active while using a controller.Fixed an issue that caused Future Millionaire Zenri’s appearance to be incorrect within the Stronghold Wardrobe menu.Fixed an issue that caused the raid commander chat highlight to appear empty when a raid leader used an emoticon.Fixed an issue that caused the texture quality setting to appear empty within the settings menu.Fixed an issue that blocked players from changing the eyebrow color when using specific face presets.Fixed an issue that caused the Gunlancer’s Leap Attack skill to select the wrong target if the Low Shock Tripod was active while using a controller.Fixed an issue that caused accessories with the same name to not equip properly when changing presets.Fixed an issue that caused the Berserker’s Red Dust skill to not play any audio when used while the Red Shock Tripod was active.Fixed an issue that caused the Paladin’s Sword of Justice skill to select the wrong target if the Way of Light Tripod was active while using a controller.Fixed an issue that caused Night Fox Yoho to be available in the Stronghold Dispatch Missions at item level 1355 instead of 1370.Fixed an issue that caused the Golden Bait Buff required for South Vern’s Adventurer’s Tome to disappear upon teleporting.Fixed an issue that made the “An Adventure with Cindy” quest impossible to complete because of an invisible NPC.Fixed an issue that caused debug text to appear in the Achievements menu in non-English languages.Fixed an issue that caused the Global Chat window to move when adjusting the opacity slider.Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect buff icon to appear when using the Master’s Tenacity engraving.Fixed an issue that caused the time shown in the Global Chat menu to be displayed in UTC.Fixed an issue that prevented players from entering the basement in the Underground Ossurary within the Werner’s Manor after exiting it.Fixed an issue that caused gear set conversion changes to not save in any given preset.Fixed various localization issues.Fixed an issue that caused /star command to not initiate the Star Dance emote.

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