Massive Dead Cells Updates Are Coming, 2023 To Be Its “Most Exciting Year”

Lest you think Dead Cells will ever fully live up to its title, developers Evil Empire and Motion Twin posted a roadmap for upcoming updates stretching into 2023. The roadmap comes with the note that “there are no guarantees in game development,” so actual times and dates may vary.

The roadmap begins with Summer 2022, which will bring the Panchaku and a flaming head outfit from the animated trailers, as well as a smattering of items reworks, petting animals, and the addition of Soul Knight crossover (just as Soul Knight did a crossover with Dead Cells). That patch is currently in alpha and you can read the full patch notes over on Steam.

After that update releases, Fall 2022 will bring a Boss Rush area. The feature is exactly what it says on the tin, letting players fight the bosses they have encountered so far all at once. The more bosses you defeat, the more goodies you will obtain. The update should also have more “modes” for the boss rush and a possible scoreboard, but the roadmap is careful to say that the exact features are to be determined.

One late update in 2022 will drop before Christmas, but it’s a surprise. More information is pending. The roadmap concludes with promising big things for the game in 2023. In fact, it claims that 2023 will be the biggest year for the game since the 1.0 launch, though any details of what that means were not shared.

Dead Cells has been consistently updated since release. In 2019, the workers co-op Motion Twin handed off ongoing development to the traditionally structured studio Evil Empire, founded by former Motion Twin developers to continue work on Dead Cells. Whatever ends up releasing for the hit, action roguelite, even more game is certainly on the way.

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