No More Heroes 3 Launches On PC, PlayStation, And Xbox In October

No More Heroes 3 will no longer be a Nintendo Switch exclusive and is coming to other platforms on October 11. It will release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam).

A physical Day 1 Edition with new box art illustrations for PlayStation and Xbox consoles ($60) will be available and in addition to a copy of the game, will include a 70-page artbook, a CD soundtrack, and a Santa Destroy biker license plate.

No More Heroes 3 physical Day 1 Edition

No More Heroes 3 follows Travis Touchdown on a mission to reclaim his assassin glory, but along the way, he has to deal with evil intergalactic enemies–Prince FU and his henchmen. As reported previously, No More Heroes 3 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC will feature improved framerates and faster loading times.

“If you had a mandate for all of the things a No More Heroes game shouldn’t be, ‘boring’ would be near the top of the list, but this sequel frequently is just that,” Richard Wakeling wrote in GameSpot’s No More Heroes 3 review. “No More Heroes 3 lacks the irreverent charm and personality of its predecessors.”

No More Heroes 3 dev Grasshopper Manufacture’s cult classic Lollipop Chainsaw, a campy and bloody hack-and-slash featuring cheerleader Juliet Starling in a zombie apocalypse, is getting a remake. It will arrive in 2023 and is helmed by the original game’s producer Yoshimi Yasuda. However, Grasshopper Manufacture will not be involved in the project, neither will Suda51 nor James Gunn.

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