Stray: How To Fix The Broken Tracker

As you move through Stray‘s main story, you’ll find yourself in possession of a Broken Tracker. While it may initially seem like a quick fix, you’re going to discover that you’re in for quite a long line of item-trading quests. You’ll need to find the Super Spirit Detergent, the Electric Cable, and the Poncho before a robot named Elliot will fix the tracker for you. But fret not, as we’ll walk you through the full process in this guide.

Get the Super Spirit Detergent

The first step to fixing the Broken Tracker is to round up the Super Spirit Detergent. To do so, you’ll need to find Super Spirit Laundry, which is located in an alley southeast of the large area with light where you first meet the Guardian. However, upon arrival, you’ll find that you can’t enter the door quite yet.

Super Spirit Laundry

You’ll need to do a bit of cat work here. Head to the right of the door and jump your way up the various items on the side of the wall until you reach the roof of the laundry. Up here, you’ll see a robot named Vapora who is tossing cans of paint to his pal on the roof across the gap. There is a prompt available that will allow you to stand by and meow at him, so time your meow for right as he’s tossing a can of paint to have him drop it into the alley below, you jerk.

Sorry, Vapora.

Once Vapora has dropped the paint below, the laundry owner will rush outside and angrily begin cleaning it up. Hop back down to the street level and stroll through the door uninterrupted. Inside on a shelf by the window is the Super Spirit Detergent.

Super Spirit Detergent

Trade the Super Spirit Detergent for the Electrical Wire

Now that you’ve scored the Super Spirit Detergent, make your way back to the aforementioned open area where you first met the Guardian. On one side of this area down a set of steps is the merchant Azooz, who will trade you the Electric Cable for the detergent you just found.

Azooz trades you the Electric Cable for the Super Spirit Detergent.

Trade the Electric Cable for the Poncho

Now that you have the Electric Cable, your next stop is Grandma’s Clothing, which is located at the end of an alley southwest of the open area where you first met the Guardian.

Thanks, Grandma!

When you arrive, you’ll find Grandma hanging out in a chair. She’ll offer to make you an article of clothing if you give her the Electrical Wire. Lucky for you, we just got our hands on that very item, so hand the Electric Cable over to her and she’ll knit you the Poncho.

Give the Poncho to Elliot to have him fix the Broken Tracker

Our final stop to fixing the Broken Tracker is to head just a few steps south of Grandma’s Clothing to a door with a bunch of plans on it. You’ll see a prompt that lets you scratch on the door, so do that, and a robot will open it up for you. Mosey right on through his legs and go up the stairs inside.

Scratch here.

On the second floor of this house is Elliot, a very chilly robot who is eager for something warm to wear. Give him the Poncho, then speak with him regarding the Broken Tracker, and he’ll be all too happy to handle fixing it for you.

Give Elliot the Poncho and then speak with him to fix the Broken Tracker.

With the fixed tracker finally obtained, you can continue your main quest through the Slums and beyond. Be careful out there.

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