Stray: How To Get The Super Spirit Detergent

When you first arrive at the Slums early in your catventure through Stray, you’ll find that there are plenty of things to do–though you probably didn’t expect that you’d need to round up some Super Spirit Detergent. Nevertheless, you’re likely to stumble upon the merchant Azooz who has a few things for sale, including the Electric Cable, which you’ll eventually need to complete the main objective of fixing the Broken Tracker. He’ll trade the wire to you for the Super Spirit Detergent, so let’s find it.

Where to find the Super Spirit Detergent

Glance around the bottom floor of Slums for the Super Spirit Laundry, which you can identify by its big neon sign. When you arrive, you’ll find that you can’t simply enter the laundry through the door quite yet, meaning you’re going to have to figure out a way to get the owner to open it.

Super Spirit Laundry

To the right of the door is a variety of things you can jump on, including a breaker box and an air conditioner. Use these to make your way to the roof of the building.

Jump up to the roof from here.

When you arrive at the top, you’ll encounter a robot fellow named Vapora who is tossing paint cans to his friend on the adjacent roof. Walk close to him and you’ll see a prompt that lets you stand by and meow at him while he’s working. Wait until he’s about to throw the paint can, then meow and cause him to drop it down to the street below. Oops.

Meow at this poor sap at just the right time to cause an accident, you jerk.

This will immediately cause the laundry’s owner to burst through the door and begin cleaning it up. This means you can now head back down and stroll right through the door behind him.

It’s wide open now!

Once inside, you’ll find the Super Spirit Detergent sitting on a nearby shelf by the window.

Super Spirit Detergent

Now that you’ve picked up the detergent, you can return it to the merchant to purchase the Electric Cable and continue on your quest to fix the Broken Tracker.

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