Stray: Where To Find Red, Purple, And Yellow Plants

There are quite a few literal fetch quests scattered about the cyberpunk world of Stray, such as the one given to you in Antvillage by a Malo, who is seeking three plants to help them with creating unique paint colors. All of the plants can be found in Antvillage, so you won’t have to go too far to obtain them all. In this guide, we’ll make things even easier by walking you through precisely where you can pick them.

Where to find the three paint plants

Starting from the bottom level of Antvillage, hop up the first ladder to the left and walk forward a bit until you see two robots sitting playing a board game. Just behind them is a bucket that you can ride down to an area where two more robots are searching through some garbage. You’ll notice a large tree here, so hop up on a nearby box and pick the Red Plant. Be sure to ruin their game for an added Trophy.

Red Plant

Head back up to Antvillage by jumping up some posts close to where you came down in the bucket, then move ahead just a bit to see a gap in the fence on your left. Hop onto the tree limb here and walk forward until you can pick the Purple Plant.

Purple Plant

Get off the branch and take the ladder near you, then hop further up using the box and air conditioning unit directly in front of you. On this next level, continue through the main path–you’ll pass Zbaltzar on your left–then jump over a gap. You’ll then have to cross a plank into a lounge area with a bar. Note the couch ahead, then walk past it to look down and see a pipe you can pounce down to find the Yellow Plant.

Yellow Plant

With all of the plants found, head back to Malo and give him all three plants to receive the Plant Badge. Good kitty!

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