Stray: Where To Get Energy Drinks

As you explore the somber underground Slums during the early portion of your adventure through Stray, you’ll come across a merchant named Azooz who uses energy drinks as a currency. Lucky for you, the drinks can be rounded up right around the Slums. Azooz has two items for sale–one is a memory for three energy drinks and the other is a music sheet for one energy drink. The former is required to obtain all of B-12’s memories, while the latter is needed for another quest in the Slums. In the guide, we’ll tell you where to find all four energy drinks.

Where to find the energy drinks

We’ll be starting from the large area where you first meet the Guardian in a red robe. You’ll know you’re in the right place if there’s plenty of light and some trees around. Facing the Guardian, go left toward the elevator to see the first vending machine against a wall opposite a robot musician. Walk up to it and press the corresponding button to get energy drink #1 to fall on the ground for you to pick up.

The energy drink is opposite the musician in the Slums.

Now head back to where we started and face away from the Guardian. Go down the stairs ahead and into the alley to your right. Follow it all the way to the back wall to find the vending machine housing energy drink #2.

The second energy drink is against a wall in the back of the Slums.

From the location of the second energy drink, go down the steps to the left, then take two lefts and you’ll soon see a robot sitting again the wall watching television. Walk up the steps nearby and then turn around and face the robot again to see a vending machine above him, which you can get to by jumping on the awning to score energy drink #3.

The third energy drink is above a robot watching television in the Slums.

Lastly, make your way to the rooftops and try to get up on the highest possible spot to scope out a house near the back of the Slums with a couch and television sitting on top of it. Against that house is the vending machine that contains energy drink #4.

The final Energy Drink is on the Slums rooftops.

With all of the energy drinks collected, make your way back to Azooz and spend them on whatever you’d like to buy this go-around. Later on, you’ll need to find three plants in Stray, too.

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