Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix Should Stop Corpses Coming Back To Life (For Good This Time)

Turns out the last Baldur’s Gate 3 hotfix didn’t completely fix the zombie problem. But that issue should now be fully stomped out with Hotfix 26, which is now live. Hotfix 26 also takes care of multiple crashes and bugs–including a fix for the incredibly annoying issue that was preventing party members from correctly appearing at camp, stalling their questlines.

But the fix for corpses coming back to life is the big takeaway for Hotfix 26. Prior to the hotfix going live, corpses of NPCs would oftentimes stand back up and continue about their business after you returned to camp or the game autosaved. That should no longer be the case, meaning an area should now remain devoid of life after you murder everyone.

The full list of fixes is detailed in the full patch notes for Hotfix 26, which are written out below. Baldur’s Gate 3 is available for PC and Stadia.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 26 Patch Notes

Crashes and Blockers

Party members now appear correctly at camp regardless of how many times you go there.Fixed a major blocker causing a permanent black screen if the game had just loaded after you went to camp.Fixed a major multiplayer issue causing you to get blocked if you gave a fellow player control of an Origin character.Fixed an issue that would block you in the Active Roll UI if you were interrupted by an NPC’s crime interrogation dialogue.Fixed a crash related to the bibberbangs’ explosion VFX.Fixed a crash that would occur after loading a save game.Fixed a crash that would occur if you had created the Vision of the Absolute spear and saved in camp.Fixed a blocker that would occur if you took a Long Rest after defeating Bernard and the automatons atop the Arcane Tower.


Fixed cinematic issues related to Barcus and Beldron at Grymforge.Fixed a cinematic issue related to missing water VFX when speaking to Gauntlet Dain at Waukeen’s Rest.Fixed the myconids freezing during their cinematic dialogue.Fixed a cinematic issue causing party members to have jittering heads during the cinematic dialogue with the deep rothé.Fixed female halflings and gnomes not looking at the correct speakers in a cinematic dialogue during the introduction to the camp area.Fixed cinematic issues in the conversation with Nettie involving drinking the antidote.Fixed a continuity issue where the bard dialogue options with BOOOAL wouldn’t proceed correctly.Fixed several cinematic issues related to camera angles, animations, depth of field, popping, lighting, and clipping.


Fixed an issue related to the new combat cameras causing the gold dice overlay and vignette to go missing after the first critical camera shot.Added missing weapon damage resistance to the resistances’ update.Fixed an issue causing the inventory to appear empty if a character was looted as a soul and then revived.Fixed an issue causing spells in the custom Hotbar to be removed after Wildshaping.Fixed a UI issue where searching for filtered names did not display the relevant items.Fixed spell options becoming greyed out if you moved around in-game whilst the Variant Hotbar was open and active.Fixed some global inventory filters not working if your character wasn’t Proficient.Fixed the visibility of the Options screen when applying any Interface option while in a dialogue.

Continuity and Other Bugs

Fixed corpses standing upright after you leave a region and go to camp. This was also affected by Autosave.Fixed an issue causing druids to lose all their prepared spells if they had used Dismiss Wild Shape or if they dropped to 0 HP.Fixed an infinite loop of entering and exiting combat when only one character and one in-world item remained.Fixed the Short Rest SFX.

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