Bayonetta Dev Platinum Games Will Undergo “Significant Change” After Hiring Former Nintendo Exec

Nintendo veteran Takao Yamane has joined Bayonetta developer Platinum Games as the studio’s new vice president.

As reported by VGC, Platinum Games is teasing a new era for the company, with Yamane joining it as the new vice president and CBO, having previously served as the licensing general manager and managing director of sales and planning at Nintendo.

The news originally comes from Famitsu, who published an interview with Yamane, as well as director Hidetaka Kamiya, and CEO Atsushi Inaba. According to populat Twitter aggregator Nibel, the Famitsu article provided some updates on what’s currently going on at Platinum Games.

For one, the developer is working on a new in-house IP beyond Project G.G., as well as working on multiple unannounced games for other publishers that are at various points in the development cycle. And apparently some projects are small, while others are larger.

There were some small updates on Project G.G. as well. According to the article, there will be a core feature similar to Bayonetta’s Witch Time, and the overall project has greatly expanded since the first teaser. The Shiba Inu seen in the trailer will also be in the game, though no word if you can pet it just yet.

Platinum Games also plans to increase the amount of staff it has, aiming for over 1000 employees (the company currently has 299 employees as of July, 2022). As well as this, it wants to publish its games digitally and physically on a global scale, and Project G.G. will apparently be self-published.

Lastly, Tencent’s investment in Platinum Games has helped with scaling up Project G.G., but other than informing the developer on certain trends, Tencent doesn’t have much involvement in the development of the game itself.

Nintendo recently revealed the long awaited release date of Bayonetta 3 last week, which is also set to receive a special edition.

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