Genshin Impact – How to Find Missing Crystalline Cores

The Summertime Odyssey event has provided new daily content for Genshin Impact‘s seasonal celebration since it began, and now, another part of the Golden Apple Archipelago questline is available to complete. After you’ve finished the quests found inside each island’s mirage, it’ll be time for a sort of treasure hunt. There’s a manuscript with directions to follow, but they can be a bit confusing. So, for those who need a bit of help, here’s how to get the missing Crystalline Cores.

Persikov’s Manuscript Puzzles

There are three Crystalline Cores in total, and three separate puzzles on three different islands need to be solved in order to obtain them. We’ll go through each island one by one from the closest to the farthest.

Northern Island Crystalline Core

As you may have noticed in Persikov’s manuscript, there are devices set up on each island that can be turned either to left or to the right. On this island, there are two such adjustable devices. Using the image below for reference, start with the device on the left side of the stone pillar.

Turn it to the right twice and to the left once. Then, turn the other device to the right once and to the left twice. The Crystalline Core will float down from its little cage after the puzzle has been solved. Grab it, then go to the second island.

Crystalline Core puzzle on the northern island

Middle Island Crystalline Core

This island contains three devices that need to be adjusted in order to get to the Crystalline Core: one near a tower, one near a tent, and one near some rocks. Stand in a similar position as Kokomi in the image below to follow along easily.

Look to your right and turn the device next to the tower to the left twice, then right once. Next, turn the device near the tent to the right, then left. Finally, the device next to the rocks needs to be turned right, then left, then right again. Collect the core and head over to the final island.

Crystalline Core puzzle on the middle island

Eastern Island Crystalline Core

Lastly, we have the eastern island. There are only two devices to interact with here but they’re on opposite sides of the core. Once again, use the screenshot below to get your bearings.

Start with the device to the right of Kazuha in the image. Turn it to the right, then left, then right again. Turn the other one to the left twice, then to the right once to finish up this puzzle.

Crystalline Core puzzle on the eastern island

After collecting all three Crystalline Cores, return to the mysterious Fatui machine by following the quest marker. Insert them into the machine to complete the quest and see the end of the current arc of Golden Apple Archipelago adventures.

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