Newegg Launches Website Just For GPUs

Newegg has launched an e-commerce and research website dedicated to GPUs called, rather straightforwardly, JustGPU .

It’s supposed to help customers who are only looking for a GPU select the right one. There are new comparison tools, like how max GPU lengths, CUDA cores, memory size, as well as FPS comparisons for specific games stack up between different graphic cards.

JustGPU differs from Newegg’s main site in that it offers more tools and information for selecting products. It’s meant to be a complement to Newegg, as consumers will still be able to see and buy GPUs from Newegg’s main site. Checkout will still take place on Newegg, so there’s no need to create a new user account for JustGPU.

“Customers are spending a lot of time researching throughout the Internet for GPUs, including performance details and pricing,” said Newegg’s director of product management Jim Tseng in a press release. “We’re reducing the hassle and frustration for customers by providing a streamlined resource with this new personalized shopping site.”

Graphic cards are still in hot demand, as supply shortages caused by pandemic-related reasons are still ongoing. In related GPU news, Nvidia likely delayed its unannounced RTX 4000 line. It was originally scheduled to launch in May, but new reports suggest RTX 4000 will instead get a staggered release in the fall.

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