No Man’s Sky Endurance Update Boldly Goes Where No DLC Has Gone Before

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has revealed the next expansion for its spacefaring simulator, and it’s titled Endurance. The 20th update released so far, Endurance is free to download and is available from today on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Switch.

The focus of this update is primarily on managing freighter fleets, customizing your capital ships–you can build on the outside of them now as well–and exploring the inside of them as you tour the new bridge section. Observation is a big part of the Endurance experience, as you’ll be able to gaze at the galaxy from the bridge and other sections of your ship.

Each ship can also be populated with crew members who’ll keep your freighter operating such as engineers, biologists and technicians. Freighter exteriors have been visually upgraded, with enhanced textures, improved colors, and high-detail surface decoration that can be further customized.

Organic frigates now also feature more diversity and come in a variety of colour, shape, and tentacle configurations. You’ll be able to evolve the traits and stats of your organic vessels by feeding them from the Fleet Management screen. Finally, teleportation nodes can be set up on any point in your ship so that you can more easily travel between sections.

For fans of space debris, Hello Games has overhauled asteroid fields to be more detailed and visually exciting, and black holes have also received an upgrade that adds new visual effects to these massive gravity wells.

No Man’s Sky Endurance

The other big addition is the Polestar expedition, an interstellar cruise where you’ll need to keep their freighter repaired, uncover its mysterious past, and journey across the galaxy at its helm. Complete the expedition and you’ll earn exclusive base parts, posters, the Fleet Commander’s Cape, the High-Gravity Freighter Trail, a Child of Helios companion, and more rewards. For even more details, you can check out the Hello Games blog.

2022 has been a busy year for No Man’s Sky, as Hello Games also released the Leviathan and Outlaws updates within months of one another. No Man’s Sky is also coming to PlayStation VR 2 and has been redesigned to take advantage of both the PS5 and PSVR2 hardware.

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