Destiny 2 Players Can Vote For The Next Trials Labs Map And Get A Free Emblem

Bungie’s news post this week was brief, but it posted a simple way for players to grab another free emblem. Destiny 2-related emails from Bungie have given free emblems in the past as a reward for player participation in polls, and it’s back with another one.

Indigo and yellow colored emblem from Destiny 2’s Trials Labs voting reward for July 25, 2022

If you haven’t yet, you can opt in to receive emails from your Bungie account to vote for the upcoming Trails Labs map. Bungie noted in its news post that its short voting period starts on July 25, and if Bungie gets 77,000 votes in 48 hours, players can unlock a unique emblem in their Bungie Rewards. The post says that regardless of whether you get an email confirmation or not, you should see the emblem in your Digital Rewards.

The map options on the poll are Eternity–an older Destiny 2 map that Bungie brought back this year–and two other Destiny 1 maps that have made their place in the current Crucible rotation: Widow’s Court and Rusted Lands.

Bungie also shared a teaser starring a new antagonist called The Witness to announce another Destiny 2 Showcase stream that will broadcast on August 23–the same day Season 18 is set to launch–revealing the next major expansion known as Lightfall.

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