Destiny 2 Showcase Coming On August 23, Alongside Season 18’s Debut

Bungie has officially revealed the date for its next big Destiny 2 showcase, which will be broadcast on August 23. These showcases are typically big events for the game, as they chart the future of the sci-fi shooter, what fans can expect from the ongoing narrative, and how the game will evolve in the months to come. It’s worth noting that August 23 is also the start date of the as-of-yet untitled Season 18.

You can see the announcement teaser in the embedded tweet below, although if you haven’t yet finished The Witch Queen campaign, it is loaded with spoilers regarding the reveal of Destiny 2’s primary antagonist.

Witness what’s next.
August 23, 2022

— Destiny 2 (@DestinyTheGame) July 21, 2022

Bungie’s previous showcase for Destiny 2 was largely focused on The Witch Queen expansion, but the event did take deep dive into the future of the series and revealed that the Light and Darkness saga will end in 2024. Bungie also took the time to talk about technical changes to Destiny 2, the state of the game, and new content that would be added to the game in The Witch Queen.

With The Witch Queen expansion live, the Season of the Risen over, and the Season of the Haunted drawing to a close, Destiny 2’s storyline is slowly preparing for the Lightfall and The Final Shape expansions. Season of the Haunted’s Sever storyline ended with The Witness gaining a new disciple in the form of deposed Cabal emperor Calus, while recent events in the solar system have seen a new alliance forged with the Cabal empire, the Eliksni, and the revelation that Savathun and her Hive brood had become Lightbearers.

Currently, Guardians are taking some time off in the Solstice event, a new event where customizable armor is up for grabs, players can earn a hilariously broken hand cannon, and there are plenty of challenges to complete that will unlock a new seal.

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