Get Skyward Sword For Its Best Price Yet

If you missed out on Skyward Sword HD when it was remade for Switch in 2021, you can snag a preowned copy for just $28, down from the usual $60. This is the lowest price we’ve seen for the game since launch, making it a great time to check out one of the most divisive games in the Zelda franchise.

Tons of updates were made to bring Skyward Sword to a new generation of players. For one, the graphics are now in HD, which makes the aerial islands and dungeons look more vibrant and detailed. You can play it with motion controls or with a modified button and stick layout. The non-motion controls take a bit to get used to, but overall they are pretty good.

The tutorial section has also been cleaned up, letting you get to the meat of the game without a boring slog through dozens of menus and slow-paced introductory missions. Autosaving, skippable cutscenes, and reworked camera controls round out the most important updates.

Aside from those drastic changes, the core experience is still intact. You’ll play as Link as he treks across a variety of floating islands and the land beneath the clouds in search of Zelda. The usual assortment of puzzle solving, dungeon diving, and enemy slaying are here in spades, and Zelda fanatics will probably find much to love about its story–according to Zelda lore, Skyward Sword is the very first game in the esoteric timeline.

Our Skyward Sword HD review awarded it a 7/10, thanks to clever puzzles, engaging boss fights, and well-designed dungeons. We’re not sure when the game will sell out or the deal ends, so check it out while you can. Select locations are eligible for same-day pickup, or you can have it shipped with an arrival date as early as July 23.

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