Learn Coding And Game Design With This Bargain Bundle

Interested in building your own game but don’t know where to start? Check out this Coding and Game Development Bundle at Fanatical, which offers 25 beginner courses for just $25. Several other tiers are available, letting you snag 10 courses for $11, five courses for $6, or a single course for $1.49.

Fanatical’s bundle makes it easy to learn the fundamentals of coding without breaking the bank. You’ll get the most value when opting for the full 25-course package, although the option to snag individual courses for $1.49 is great for folks that already know a bit of programming and just need to hone in on a specific topic.

Here’s a look at all 25 courses offered in the bundle:

2D Procedural Maps for BeginnersShader Graph for BeginnersDevelop a City-Building Game with UnityIntro to Unity Game DevelopmentJavaScript Mini-Projects – Language Learning GameMobile Game Development for BeginnersIntro to C++ Data StructuresIntro to Cinemachine and TimelineCreate Your First 2D Game in UnityThe Complete Introduction to C++Discover AI and State Machines in UnityUnreal Engine Game Development for BeginnersMachine Learning for Beginners with TensorFlowGodot Game Development for BeginnersBuild an Action RPG in Unreal EngineBuild a Micro-Strategy GameConstruct a Mobile Physics GameConstruct a Strategy Game with GodotDevelop a Technology Tree for Strategy GamesCreate a Platformer Game in Unreal EngineAngular for Beginners – Build a Language-Learning AppJavaScript Programming for BeginnersDiscover SFML for C++ Game DevelopmentIntro to Roblox Game MakingExplore Roblox Scripting with Lua

From Unreal Engine and C++ to Godot and even Roblox, the bundle touches on a lot of aspects of coding and game design. That’s a pretty good deal for $25–and you’ll even get a 5% off voucher for your next purchase.

All courses are offered by Zenva, a well-known company that’s been helping people learn how to code for years. So if you have a great idea for a video game kicking around in your head, this could be a great way to make it a reality without breaking the bank.

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