Today’s Wordle Answer (#397) – July 21, 2022

If you haven’t started today’s Wordle already, then buckle in, because the answer is one of the toughest the game has ever seen. If you have already begun trying the July 21 Wordle, then you’re undoubtedly here for some tips, or even the full answer. Luckily, we’ll be providing both in this article.

Speaking of luck, I was extremely fortunate in today’s Wordle. Thanks to my starting word and the two words after, I had every letter that made up the answer. However, none were in the correct spot, so I was still stumped. After several minutes of plugging in different letters in various places, I finally guessed the right word out of pure randomness. I had personally not heard of this word before but once I researched it, I was familiar with what it was. If you’re struggling like me or simply want some tips on today’s Wordle, then don’t worry, as we have you covered.

Today’s Wordle Answer – July 21, 2022

We’ll begin with a couple of tips to try and get you to eventually guess the answer. These hints won’t give the word away completely but might lead some players to guess it right away. Others might need to look further for the full answer.

Hint 1: This word is the name of an insect, which can actually be caught by players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Hint 2: This word begins with a vowel and contains five unique letters

If you’re not an Animal Crossing fan or aren’t familiar with insects, those hints likely weren’t helpful. Unfortunately, they were really the only tips we could give, as this word is difficult to describe. For players that didn’t get the answer from the hints, here’s the full answer… “aphid.” It’s likely a word that many players haven’t heard of before. It’s a common insect but, then again, many insects are well-known but still aren’t common knowledge to many. Check back tomorrow for another edition of our Wordle guides.

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