Best Gaming Mouse In 2022

For PC gamers, choosing a gaming mouse is arguably the most important decision you can make when rounding out your setup. While picking out the right keyboard is also a key decision, your mouse is used almost constantly while performing any task on your computer. And when you throw gaming into the mix, you need an ultra-reliable mouse with some key features to help you get the best experience (and performance) possible while gaming–especially if you play competitive multiplayer games. The best gaming mouse for you often revolves around the type of games you play. We’ve rounded up the best gaming mice in 2022.

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With so many different things to consider–and options to choose from–we at GameSpot have tested a large number of gaming mice to find the best ones out there. Below, we’ve listed the best of the best in each category of gaming mouse you can think of. This lists covers all the bases: programmable buttons, RGB lighting, wireless, scroll wheels, optical sensors, and more. If you’ve been looking for the best gaming mouse, you’ll likely find it among these.

Editor’s Note: Article updated on July 22, 2022

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