Best Madden 23 QBs: Top Quarterbacks By OVR Rating

There’s not a more important position in football than the quarterback. The field general of any offense, quarterbacks are often at the heart of any ratings discussion. To conclude the ratings week for Madden 23, EA finally revealed the overall rating for each individual QB in the game.

Players were conflicted when trying to figure out which QBs would be rated the highest in Madden 23. Aaron Rodgers just won the NFL MVP award, Tom Brady unretired, Joe Burrow came out of nowhere to win the AFC Championship, and Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen look to be the class of the position for the foreseeable future. As such, the quarterback ratings will be a little divisive, as every fan wants their QB to be at the top of the list. Below, fans can see where the top 10 QBs in Madden fell and view every rating on EA’s website.

Top 10 QBs in Madden 23

For the first time in years, there is no quarterback included in the 99 Club to start the Madden season. That’s somewhat shocking, as there are several quarterbacks who could be argued to receive a 99 OVR rating. Still, EA will monitor the position closely and could promote a QB to the club after the season begins. For now, though, here are the top 10 quarterbacks in Madden 23.

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1. Tom Brady – 97 OVR

While Tom Brady is undoubtedly the greatest quarterback of all time, it seems strange having the Tampa Bay QB at the top spot in Madden 23. He was beat out for the NFL MVP and also lost in the NFC Championship game last season. Of course, Brady’s numbers are still phenomenal, especially for a 44-year-old. Brady at 97 OVR isn’t too jarring, it’s just not having a QB ahead of him on the list that is somewhat puzzling.

2. Aaron Rodgers – 96 OVR

The reigning NFL MVP is only sitting at a 96 OVR after choosing to re-sign with his longtime organization in the offseason. Aaron Rodgers continues to defy the odds and put up stats that make you think he’s still in his prime. This 2023 season could be a down year for Rodgers, though, as his number-one target, Davante Adams, was shipped off to Vegas.

3. Patrick Mahomes – 95 OVR

Just a season ago, Patrick Mahomes was a member of the 99 Club and on the cover of Madden. Now, he’s a 95 OVR and sitting behind two ageless wonders in the ratings. Mahomes certainly had an up-and-down year last season, and now he faces an uphill climb in 2023 without his top target in Tyreek Hill. Still, Mahomes should continue to do Mahomes things no matter who’s on the field.

4. Josh Allen – 92 OVR

Josh Allen has only improved every year he’s been in the NFL and that trend should continue in 2023. Allen is surrounded by talent on both sides of the ball, and he might be in the best position out of any QB on this list. Should Buffalo start the season hot, it’s plausible Allen could pass Mahomes in the ratings.

5. Joe Burrow – 90 OVR

The defending AFC champion QB had his stock skyrocket after the 2021-2022 season. Joe Burrow displayed his immense talent last season, guiding the Bengals to an improbable run to the Super Bowl. However, EA is reluctant to give the third-year QB too high of a rating to start.

6. Dak Prescott – 89 OVR

We get out of the 90 OVR range fairly quickly this season, as Dak Prescott comes in next at 89 OVR. The Dallas Cowboys can’t seem to string together a complete season, as they fell short in the playoffs yet again last season. However, Dak is one of the most consistent QBs in the NFL and he could easily see a bump to 90 OVR.

7. Justin Herbert – 88 OVR

Some might say this rating is too low for one of the most exciting young QBs in the NFL. Justin Herbert truly matured last season, showcasing his massive arm and quick decision-making. While the Chargers failed to make the playoffs on a technicality, Herbert has a much-improved team around him in 2022-2023.

8. Lamar Jackson – 87 OVR

Another rating that fans are calling too low belongs to Lamar Jackson. 87 OVR is certainly lower for a former NFL MVP and true wonder on the field. However, the rating likely stems from Jackson’s injury last season and further concerns heading into this season. If Jackson can stay on the field, his rating should get a bump.

9. Russell Wilson – 87 OVR

After a decade of brilliance in Seattle, Russell Wilson was traded to Denver this offseason. With no wind to speak of at home games, Wilson should be able to launch the ball deep more than he ever has. The Broncos have a decent offense as well, so Russ will be able to make use of weapons that could make him a darkhorse candidate for MVP.

10. Matthew Stafford – 85 OVR

It wouldn’t be right to not have the defending Super Bowl champion QB somewhere in the top 10. Matthew Stafford just makes the cut at 85 OVR, but could be in line for a huge bump given the talent that he has around him on the Rams.

Honorable Mentions

Deshaun Watson – 84 OVR Kyler Murray – 84 OVRDerek Carr – 83 OVR Ryan Tannehill – 83 OVR Matt Ryan – 81 OVR Kirk Cousins – 80 OVRMac Jones – 78 OVRBaker Mayfield – 77 OVR Jimmy Garoppolo – 77 OVRJameis Winston – 76 OVR

That does it for the top 10 QBs in Madden 23. You can take a look at the full 99 Club or the top 10 at every defensive position in some of our previous articles.

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