Cheeky Steam Game Dares You To Risk Your Refund Window Or Die Trying

A new horror game on Steam has launched this week, and comes with an incredibly scary hook: a very slim chance of getting your money back. Refund Me If You Can has a simple gameplay loop, where you’ll find yourself stuck in a maze and attempting to escape without being mauled by a monster that is constantly tracking you down.

As spotted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the game features dozens of paths, only one correct exit, and a warning to never stand in the same spot for longer than 45 seconds unless you want the maze-monster to get its claws on you. If you can escape in under two hours and you don’t forget to visit Steam in the two weeks from the date that you purchased the game, then you’re within the Steam terms of service to ask for a refund.

Refund Me If You Can only costs $4 though, so if you can live with losing one Starbucks coffee for the day, then perhaps it’s worth forgoing the refund process for a game with a cheeky title and peer pressure energy. For those times when you do find yourself wanting to get your cash back after a game has failed to grab you, Steam’s refund process is one of the best around. As long as you haven’t sunk more than two hours into a game and less than two weeks have passed, you can get your cash back or store credit within a week of filing your claim.

It’s something that console giants such as Microsoft and Sony hardly ever do, with the most noticeable exception being Cyberpunk 2077 after it had a disastrous launch on Xbox and PlayStation back in 2020.

For another weird Steam game that might be made eventually, check out ASMR Food Experience, a cooking simulator that’s primarily focused on highlighting every sizzling and gross squishing sound that comes from the process of preparing food.

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