Genshin Impact – The Misplaced Photo World Quest Guide

The Misplaced Photo is one of the new world quests that’ll appear after you’ve completed the main mirage questline on the Golden Apple Archipelago during Genshin Impact‘s currently ongoing Summertime Odyssey event. Here’s what you need to know about where to find the Mirror Maiden’s lost item and how to complete the quest.

How to Start The Misplaced Photo Quest

Head over to Broken Isle after finding the Crystalline Cores and placing them inside the Fatui machine. There will be a Mirror Maiden on the beach who you may have seen before while exploring. Nothing could be done with her before, but now, speaking to her will start this quest.

Find her at the location in the screenshots below. The final quest marker in The Discarded Insignia world quest will also show you exactly where she is.

Mirror Maiden on Broken Isle

Silver Pocket Watch Location

The Mirror Maiden is looking for a Silver Pocket Watch item that is, actually, surprisingly easy to find. It’s located right around the corner, inside a Hilichurl camp on Broken Isle. It’s near one of the Phantasmal Conches, so you may have already picked it up while trying to earn Fischl’s new outfit. Here’s the exact location on the map:

Silver Pocket Watch location on Broken Isle

Note Barrier Puzzle

The Mirror Maiden, Agafya, will move to a different location once you’ve given her the Silver Pocket Watch. Follow the quest marker to find her again. This time, she needs help freeing one of her Fatui teammates, Zakhar, who is stuck behind a barrier.

Use the Melodic Harp instrument at the base of the huge root to free Zakhar from the note barrier. This puzzle is exactly the same as the ones found in Xinyan’s Blazin’ Trails Domain. In fact, it’s even easier to deal with because none of the devices need to be adjusted. Simply interact with the Melodic Harp once to free Zakhar.

Note barrier puzzle on Broken Isle

The Misplaced Photo will end once you speak to Agafya and Zakhar where the note barrier used to be. After the conversation, you’ll automatically unlock The Discarded Insignia world quest, which will lead to Agafya’s other Fatui teammates. However, if that one is already completed, the A Misplaced Conch world quest will begin instead.

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