God Of War Sand Sculpture Spotted On Taiwan Beach

The recent release date reveal of God of War Ragnarok has left many fans happily riding the hype train at full blast toward November 9. In an unbelievable display of skill and appreciation, one such person has been spotted using the sand on a beach in Taiwan to sculpt a stunning recreation of the upcoming game’s cover art.

Reddit user spqp shared an image of an unnamed sculptor working diligently on the massive sculpture of Kratos and Atreus at Fulong Beach in Taiwan. According to spqp, the beach was being used as part of an exhibition, but this was the only piece of God of War art on display.

An unnamed artist sculpts a Kratos and Atreus sculpture at Fulong Beach, Taiwan.

While the lower portion of the sculpture appears unfinished at the time of the photo, the level of detail across the board is downright staggering. Kratos’ beard and the fur on the father and son duo’s armor prove that the artist is dedicated to meticulousness. With so much to admire already, we can only hope pictures will someday emerge of the fully completed sand art.

In recent days, Sony has finally shared some new details on God of War Ragnarok’s story, revealing that Kratos and Atreus will be visiting all Nine Realms of Asgard this time around as they prepare for a battle that could bring about the end of the world. Atreus will also be on a far more personal journey in the sequel, seeking out further knowledge regarding his future as the trickster god Loki.

God of War Ragnarok launches on November 9 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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