Gotham Knights Video Shows Batgirl In Action

The latest trailer for Gotham Knights shows off Batgirl, and unsurprisingly, Batman’s protege is pretty adept at mopping the floor with criminals. Like the (very dead, at least in this timeline) dark knight, Batgirl uses a combination of martial arts, acrobatics, and gadgets to fight crime, and also wields tonfa clubs to help even the odds.

Batgirl’s tonfa weapons look downright brutal, as not only can she smash in a few faces with them, but she can also convert them into a set of nunchucks or into a grappling hook device for added mobility. Beyond gameplay that makes Batgirl look like a flexible character to play as, the trailer also showed off her motorcycle that she uses for getting around Gotham City and some of the gear that can be equipped to customize her appearance.

From her base outfit that’s probably not too good at concealing her identity to more rugged armor that looks like it can help her shrug off high-impact blows, Batgirl will have a wide range of outfits to experiment with. While this is one of the most prominent appearances of Batgirl in a video game, it’s not the first time that she has been a playable character. She was the second DLC character in the first Injustice game and in Batman: Arkham Knight she starred in her own DLC episode.


Gotham Knights is scheduled to launch on October 25 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. For more superhero spotlight videos, you can check out Robin and Nightwing cleaning up the streets of Gotham.

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