Nintendo Switch Sports Update Adding Full Soccer Motion Controls And More New Features

Nintendo has announced that it will be adding full motion control support for soccer in Nintendo Switch Sports on July 26. The upcoming free update is scheduled to go live at 6PM PT / 11PM ET / 7PM GMT and will include a number of new features including the ability for players to use the motion of their legs to kick the soccer ball in-game.

In 4v4 and 1v1 Soccer matches, players will be able to use a Joy-Con controller and a Leg Strap accessory, which are available in the physical version of the game or sold separately, to score goals using the kicking motion in real life. Players will also be able to use their hands by jogging in place to dash in-game. Nintendo explained that playing this way will translate users’ in-game kicks to be more powerful.

The Nintendo Switch Sports update doesn’t just address Leg Strap players; it will also allow new moves in Volleyball, such as the Slide Attack and Rocket Serve. The feature will also support games such as Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, and Chambara.

Aside from the motion control support feature, the game is also getting the new S Rank and ∞ Rank in the online Pro League mode. Players will be able to easily join Friend Matches using each other’s Room IDs to play together.

Nintendo is also planning on adding Golf to Nintendo Switch Sports later this year, but a release date has yet to be announced. The update will be free, downloadable DLC.

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