Pre-Registration Is Open For Space Leaper: Cocoon, A Mobile Card RPG About Anthropomorphic Animals

As of today, pre-registration for Space Leaper: Cocoon is open. Players who register will receive in-game currency as well as other possible bonuses.

Space Leaper: Cocoon is a mobile card RPG based around anthropomorphic creatures called Leapers. Created through cosmic radiation, each leaper has special powers. Each Leaper has an anthropomorphic design based on various plants and animals, such as the lilypad-inspired J-001 and the foxy Peru.

Through play you can earn new Leapers, travel the galaxy in an advanced spaceship known as a Cocoon, fight auto-battler-style battles, and search for cosmic shards to rebuild a shattered cosmos.Additional Leapers will be added to the game over time. The game also has a bit of a meta-textual angle, as players log into the Cocoon’s interface through the mobile app.

If you pre-register for Space Leaper: Cocoon, you will receive in-game currency, namely 200 Diamonds and 10,000 Leaper Coins. If the game reaches pre-registration goals, additional bonuses will be unlocked such as a “Mysterious Name Card” and “Particle Pill” among other possible items.

Developer Damo has plenty of mobile experience as it worked on anime action title Bleach: Immortal Soul (not available in NA) and Touhou Project. Space Leaper: Cocoon is the first of its projects releasing 2022.

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