Today’s Wordle Answer (#398) – July 22, 2022

The past two days have been absolutely brutal when it comes to Wordle. Yesterday’s word was something that mostly Animal Crossing fans and insect enthusiasts would have gotten reliably. However, the Wordle on July 22 is a word that many players likely didn’t know existed. If you want some help getting through this Wordle, then use one of our best starting words, and read below for a couple of hints and even the full answer.

I managed to get this answer by sheer luck. I had every letter I needed, but that didn’t occur to me until after I plugged in random letters to form a word that I didn’t think would even be accepted. When the guess was accepted and turned out to be the right answer, I rushed to Google to see exactly what it meant. I have a feeling most players who got the answer out of luck did the exact same thing. That’s exactly why we have laid out some tips and the full answer to make sure players continue their Wordle streak on July 22.

Today’s Wordle Answer – July 22, 2022

We’ll kick things off with two hints that might make guessing the answer a little easier. However, if players don’t know the word exists, then a couple of hints likely won’t help things too much.

Hint 1: This word’s only vowel is “y” and it has a repeating letterHint 2: This word is mainly used to describe a romantic meeting that’s kept a secret

Those hints might be able to get some players to the right answer, and others will still be stumped. If you fall into the latter crowd, then don’t fret, as we have the full answer right here… “tryst.” It’s certainly not a word you hear often, but it’s a word nonetheless. Hopefully, everyone’s Wordle streak was kept intact despite a series of tough answers.

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