8BitDo’s Fantastic Switch Pro Controller Gets The Game Boy Atomic Purple Treatment

8BitDo has unveiled a new look for one of its best controllers, adding a translucent layer to the popular Pro 2 controller for Nintendo Switch. It’ll be available in two distinct shades of transparent plastic, a sleek black version or a more vibrant purple edition that allows you to see the working internals of the device. The purple model looks fairly similar to the Atomic Purple Game Boy Color, the first color that the GBC came in at launch.

On the 8BitDo website you can save $5 on the controller, which is going for $55 currently. It’s one of the best Switch controllers around, and worth adding to any gaming setup.

It’s worth noting that the Pro 2 does have motion controls and rumble, but it’s not the HD Rumble that you’ll find on a Switch Pro controller. There’s also no NFC support for Amiibo, but if you can live without those features then you’re good to go with a durable controller. Older versions are also available in a shade of SNES-like grey, if you’d prefer a more classic approach.

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