Live A Live Muramasa Blade – Path Of Shuttered Lanterns Guide

The Twilight of Edo Japan chapter of Live A Live is the most open-ended one of the bunch. While some of them push you along in a fairly linear fashion, Twilight of Edo Japan drops you off at the front door of Ode Castle and leaves it to you to find your way and accomplish your objectives. It’s no surprise that there are a few secrets in this chapter, but one of the most obtuse tricks leads to the most prized piece of equipment… and the most vicious boss. Here’s a guide to help you through the Twilight of Edo Japan chapter, including where to find the Muramasa blade and the Bloodthirsty Samurai.

The Path of Shuttered Lanterns

Depending on which route you take to the castle, you might come across the Path of Shuttered Lanterns on your own. If you climb to the roof of the residential building, you’ll be able to run across the area’s outer fortifications. You’ll eventually come across a tree, which you can climb down. Once back on the ground, you’ll see a large lantern just south of you. Interact with it, and it will open the path.

You won’t find much on the Path of Shuttered Lanterns, but in the final stretch, you’ll hear a click as you walk. Continue south, and you’ll hear another. It may seem like nothing happened, but there’s a trick here. When entering from the north door, run across the first place the floor clicks and stop immediately when you hear the second. Run back up across the first one and go through the door you entered from. You’ll find yourself in a completely new room.

Note that activating the second switch twice will reset the puzzle. You can’t pass over the bottom switch twice, you have to turn around immediately and head back up. If you hear the click again, you know you went too far and have to start the puzzle over from the top.

Not for long! Unless I get super-frustrated.

The Bloodthirsty Samurai

You’ll see a sword on the wall of the new room. Interacting with it will conjure a spirit who will tell you to screw off. Consider his words seriously, as he is the most difficult boss in the entire chapter. Even if you’re feeling brave, at least drop a save before approaching him again. Preferably, come back later at a higher level with The Prisoner in tow. Otherwise, this will be a short fight.

When you do decide to throw down, the best strategy here is to stick to one of the corners far away from your enemy. The Bloodthirsty Samurai has a vicious attack that spreads out to his left and right, so being on the same row as him is a death sentence. It’s best to attempt attacks that hinder enemies and hope you get lucky. Phantom Butterflies can buy you precious time by putting him to sleep, and Dust Veil (if you’re brave or unfortunate enough to get close) can lower his accuracy and give you a second chance.

Don’t ever stand where they’re standing.

Just keep in mind that this fight is for the Muramasa sword, which is the most powerful weapon in the chapter. Take every advantage you can get and over level if you have to. If you’re determined, you can recruit the optional Mimic party member. Just make sure you don’t walk them back to the Path of Shuttered Lanterns through the moat, as that can kill them permanently.

Above all, be prepared to retry a few times. Keep your finger over the skip button, so you don’t have to hear about your failure repeatedly in the game over cutscene. It may take some luck, but if you bring down the Bloodthirsty Samurai, you’re sitting pretty for the final boss and beyond.

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