Xbox All Access Is Coming To Verizon, Pay $0 Upfront For Xbox Series X|S

Phone and internet giant Verizon will soon begin offering Xbox All Access, allowing users to grab a new Xbox Series X|S for $0 upfront and then pay it off over time like a smartphone plan.

Beginning Thursday, July 28, anyone can get an Xbox Series S with a two-year membership to Game Pass Ultimate for $25/month or an Xbox Series X with two years of Game Pass Ultimate for $35/month. Payments are spread over 24 months at 0% APR (provided you qualify during the credit check).

At $25 a month over two years for the Xbox Series S, you’ll pay $600 total. Normally, the console costs $299 and two years of Game Pass Ultimate costs $360–that’s a $59 savings. For the Xbox Series X, you’ll pay $35 a month over two years–that’s $840 total. The Series X costs $499, and if you add on the $360 Game Pass Ultimate cost, you’re still saving $19.

Additionally, anyone who signs up for Xbox All Access can get 50% off an Xbox Elite controller. Outside of that, Verizon shoppers who buy a regular wireless controller can save $40 on the Xbox Stereo headset and save 25% on the Razer Xbox Wolverine V2 controller and Kaira headset bundle.

Xbox All Access is a subsidized payment program that may be familiar to anyone who has bought an expensive new smartphone and paid it off in monthly increments. Microsoft tested the subsidized program back in the Xbox 360 days, and now it’s more widely available.

Verizon is just the latest big store to offer Xbox All Access, as other participating retailers include Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy, and Target. There do not appear to be any added incentives for Verizon members who already have a phone or internet plan.

Microsoft has been pushing Xbox All Access even more lately, recently recruiting Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andre Braugher for a series of advertisements.

For their part, Sony and Nintendo do not offer subsidized PlayStation and Switch consoles.

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